Mineral Resources

    Shaoguan City has plentiful and abundant mineral resources, which are widely distributed. There are 117 kinds of currently found mineral resources in Guangdong province and Shaoguan has 88. Of these, Guangdong Province has 85 kinds of proved reserves and Shaogan has 55. Uranium, lead, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, sulphur, limestone used for making cement, rare earth, Xinfeng ceramic clay, fluorite and underground thermal water are the dominant minerals, especially nonferrous metals,  which play important roles in Guangdong Province. Thus, Shaoguan is regarded as “the Home of Nonferrous Metals”.  
      [Formation of the Deposits] Shaoguan is located in Nanling Inpolymetallic Mineralization Zone, which is a part of Nanling East-West Complex Structural Belt. Since the Sinian Period, this region had been impacted by Caledonian Tectonic Movement, Hercynian Movement, Indo-China Orogeny, Yanshanian Structural Movement and Himalayan Tectonic Movement successively. Nanling Endogenetic Metallic Deposits, which owns abundant mineral resources, was formed by the large scale and intense Yanshanian Structural Movement, with its magmatic intrusions and effusive eruptions.

      [Main Types of the Deposits] Both tungsten ore and bismuth ore are mainly Quartz Vein Type and Sedimentation Reformation Type (or Hydrothermal Superimposition Type). For the most part, tin ore is skarn-type. Molybdenum ore is mainly porphyry type and granite type. Fluorite ore is granite type and limestone. Fankou Lead Zinc Ore is Sedimentation Reformation Type. And Dabao Mountain Iron Ore is medium-high hydrothermal filling metasomatic polymetallic deposit.

      [Main Features] First, the mineral ores distribute widely.  Most of the currently found minerals distribute in 10 counties and county-level cities and regions. Second, there are many small ore deposits and less big ore deposits. Third, there are numerous of paragenetic ores and associated ores: bismuth and molybdenum are generally associated in tungsten deposits; lead-zinc ores are associated with gold, silver, sulfur and arsenic; iron ores, with copper, gallium, germanium associated in them, also contain a high content of arsenic and tin; arsenic ores generally intergrowth with cinnabar, lead, zinc, gold, silver and some rare dispersed elements; antimony ore usually intergrowth with gold and mercury, or lead and zinc.

      [Types of Mineral Resources] Shaoguan has rich mineral resources. The currently found resources include 12 major categories: ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, noble metals, rare earth and dispersed elemental minerals, radioactive minerals, auxiliary metallurgical materials, fuel minerals, chemical material nonmetal minerals, building materials minerals, underground water underground thermal water. There are totally 88 types.

      Proved reserves of mineral resources: 130 million tons of coals, 26.42 million tons of ironstones, 740,000 tons of manganese ores, 81.42 million tons of copper ores, 131 million tons of zinc ores, 187 million tons of tungsten ores, 115 million tons of molybdenum ores, 2.34 million tons of antinomy ores, 128 million tons of bismuth ores.